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TaborGlit TPU e PVC film

can generate a sheen that exceeds that of even the highest performance glitter.

Depending on the final use, the film can be made of two distinct materials: PVC and thermoplastic Polyurethane. During the production process, glass microprisms are applied to the film to impart the incredible sheen that sets this product apart.

Taborglit TPU film, drawn from thermoplastic Polyurethane, is designed for jobbers working in the fashion sector, those seeking an extremely vibrant product that is easy to apply on fabrics for garment decorations.

Instead, Taborglit PVC film is suitable for application on stiffer surfaces where sparkling decorations can be created by cutting of the film itself.
Sold by the meter, this film is truly a one-of-a-kind product, used to create decorative effects that stand out for their brilliance.

Both films in the Taborglit line are supplied with a standard thickness of 330 Micron and are 44 cm wide Taborglit film in gold and silver are always in stock, other colors are available upon request.