Fluorescent powder

TaborGlit fluorescent powder is obtained by pulverizing zinc sulphide and copper chloride. It is the copper chloride that gives the powder its exceptional, long-lasting glow and the unusual fluorescence that tends toward green. The main characteristic of this fluorescent powder is its prolonged glow — up to 6-8 hours — following exposure to any form of light, whether natural sunlight or artificial light. This feature makes the TaborGlit fluorescent powder a true specialty product able to create unique optical effects depending on the field of application. In fact, TaborGlit fluorescent powder can be used in various fields: to decorate fabrics and as decorative additive in plastic laminates, thermoplastic compounds and paints. This powder is designed for manufacturers of fabrics, paints and plastics and, in general, those seeking innovative products that can generate unusual, unique effects that would be difficult to replicate with other products. Moreover, Tabor can also offer its customer direct production services and high in-house storage of the materials produced. This enables Tabor to offer extremely efficient supply: the final customer can rest assured of certain, predictable delivery times. Moreover, thanks to a well-consolidated, long-term relationship with its raw material suppliers, Tabor can guarantee the quality and technical characteristics of the microfibers supplied.