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CosmoGlit is the Tabor line of polyester glitter conceived for cosmetics.

Red as in seduction, blue like the sky, yellow like the sun... color has long been the main element in cosmetics.
From the classic — but never out of fashion — nail polish, to the more modern, innovative forms of nail art, resistance and brilliance make the difference for final consumers who are always seeking high quality solutions and colors that keep pace with evolving fashion trends.
Thirty years of experience in the field of glitter, the ongoing search for the best raw materials and the efforts of Tabor Research&Development, plus the company's natural ability to "hear" what the market has to say: these have all come together to produce CosmoGlit, the ideal solution for the production of cosmetic items. CosmoGlit is a high performance product that offers a superb quality/price ratio, produced with raw materials selected by the Tabor laboratories to guarantee an excellent sheen and ensure resistance to solvents, UV light and water. CosmoGlit is obtained by cutting a metalized polyester film that has been lacquered on both sides with an epoxy resin. It comes in two thicknesses: 12 and 25 Micron.
Process optimization, well-consolidated relations with suppliers and high in-house storage capacity enable Tabor to guarantee utmost efficiency in all areas: superb product quality, meeting all delivery and production times. The result is great reliability for the customer. Certifications and declarations regarding CosmoGlit composition and technical specifications are available upon request, a support to help sector jobbers in the complex, multifaceted relations with their own customers.

Choice of excellence for nails — from classical nail polish, to the more modern, innovative forms of nail art — CosmoGlit offers a wide range of applications: the Tabor Research&Development department is at the customer's disposal, working together to explore cutting edge solutions and creating synergies that can generate high added value.

CosmoGlit is a high performance solution for the production of cosmetic items.

CosmoGlit, the glitter made in Italy for the cosmetics sector, is a Tabor product.

And, to meet the specific demands of nail art, Tabor has developed Caviar Beads: small spheres of various materials (PVC, Polystyrene and glass), available in a wide range of colors and diameters, able to satisfy even the top masters of nail art. Tabor has also developed and certified a line of Cosmoglit products specifically designed for direct application on the skin: these are atoxic, hypo-allergenic products that meet the severest demands of the cosmetics industry.