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DecoGlit is the Tabor line of polyester glitter designed for silk-screening, coating and decorations.

In a dynamic, global context that is always in flux, to remain competitive it is essential to blend quality, rapid production processes, ongoing innovation and versatility. Always attuned to market evolution and the demands of customers for coatings and decorations, and with its over three decades of experience in the field, Tabor has developed DecoGlit, the ideal product for those seeking high performance, versatile glitter for all decorative uses.
DecoGlit is the product of excellence for silk screening and the manufacture of paints, packaging and decorating preparations.

Thanks to its high versatility, DecoGlit can also fully meet the demands of set designers and interior decorators, and can serve as a fundamental element for such high growth sectors as wall paper.

DecoGlit is obtained by cutting a metalized polyester film that has been lacquered on both sides with an epoxy resin. It comes in various thicknesses (12, 16, 25, 36 Micron). Thanks to the company's thirty years of experience in the glitter sector, the use of advanced production technologies and a keen selection of raw materials, DecoGlit offers extremely high resistance to external factors (solvents, light) and guarantees steadfast quality and color in all supplies (the degree of tolerance to color differences is ±10%). High precision cutting is performed with advanced technologies.

Tabor works in close contact with the customer, following all steps of the production process, providing its expertise and professionalism and working together to achieve important goals quickly and unfailingly: this is a characteristics of utmost importance in such dynamic fields as fashion, fields that are always in flux, where the demands of the final customer are ever changing, and where the final product must always offer uniform quality and reliable delivery times. DecoGlit products come with declaration of composition and technical specifications to help the customers choose the materials best suited to their product.

Always attuned to relations with its own customers, Tabor can provide the expertise it has accrued in the field to develop, from the very outset, the product best suited to the specific requirements.
And the company's after-market service is geared to building partnership relations able to create high added value for all parties, thus optimizing future supplies.

DecoGlit is a high performance solution for the coating, decoration and silk-screening sectors.
DecoGlit, the glitter made in Italy for printing and decoration, is a Tabor product.

DecoGlit is the Tabor line of polyester glitter designed for silk-screening, coating and decorations.
And for those working in the luxury market niche, Tabor has developed HQGlit, a new generation of glitter: specific, high performance products for extremely high quality products.