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MasterGlit is Tabor's
line of high heat-resistant
metallic glitter.

MasterGlit is Tabor's high performance glitter for masterbatches, for molding of plastics and for all industries requiring an additive with good heat-resistance properties. MasterGlit is an extremely versatile product that can be used as additive, mixed directly with any type of polymer (PP, ABS, PVC...) and used in masterbatches.
MasterGlit is the fruit of years of cooperation with the customers and the tireless efforts of the Tabor Research&Development labs to achieve the most advanced products; indeed, it was here that, in the early 1990s, aluminum particles were first introduced to create the marbling effects so highly prized by the plastics industry.
Thanks to the company's thirty years of experience in the field, Tabor can select the best possible raw materials, chosen in view of the properties required to achieve the best possible end products: significant resistance to solvents, high melting point (600° C), high resistance to heat lacquering (up to 200° C, with peaks of 240°C), extremely high resistance to UV light and superb resistance to light in general. Together with the most advanced cutting technologies, this attention has resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind product that combines two essential characteristics for high final product quality and optimized costs:
– superb mechanical resistance that enables MasterGlit to preserve its physical-geometric properties, even following industrial processing;
– extremely high per-kilo yield which means that less glitter is required to obtain the same results as achieved with greater quantities of other products.
Obtained by cutting an ultra fine film of an aluminum alloy (AA1200, cold laminated, H19 temper, lacquered with an epoxy resin), the MasterGlit film thickness is 17 Micron.
Highly optimized production processes, long-term, well-consolidated relations with suppliers and high in-house storage capacity enable Tabor to guarantee utmost efficiency in all areas: superb product quality, meeting different delivery and production times. The result is great reliability for the customer.
Certifications and declarations regarding MasterGlit composition and technical specifications are available upon request to help the customer choose the materials best suited to the final product and aiding relations with jobbers. Moreover, thanks to the expertise acquired in the sector, Tabor can accompany its customers throughout all phases: from choice of the most suitable material for the desired result, to relations with the final customers.

And, for the most demanding customers, Tabor offers its top line, a European exclusive: the Microfibre line of ultra fine, regenerated cellulose in a wide range of styles and colors.