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ModaGlit is the Tabor line of polyester glitter designed for textiles, garments and the fashion industry.

Ongoing evolution in fashion and customer tastes, competitiveness, dynamics: to remaining competitive on such an ever-changing sector as the fashion and clothing market one must offer constantly high quality and a fast, reliable production process.
To meet these demands, Tabor, a company with over thirty years of experience in the glitter sector, has created ModaGlit, the ideal solution for those seeking a high performance product for fabric coating processes. Thanks to ModaGlit, garments and fashion accessories are now resplendent with light and unique, inimitable reflections, creating products with great consumer appeal, products that increasingly focus on a "sparkling” style.

With years of experience cooperating with jobbers in the fashion industry, Tabor can develop products that truly keep pace with the times, products that are constantly evolving and able to meet the demands of all market players.
ModaGlit is founded on Tabor's ability to select the raw materials best suited to produce items with a high sheen, products that offer great resistance to solvents, good resistance to water; and the result is just the right mix; a product for which conformity with previously purchased batches is always maintained.

But the true secret behind ModaGlit quality is the absolute precision cut, performed with advanced technologies and resulting in products that adhere extremely well to the fabric. With ModaGlit your products will be shiny, in fashion and resistant!

Highly optimized production processes, long-term, well-consolidated relations with suppliers and high in-house storage capacity enable Tabor to guarantee utmost efficiency in all areas: superb product quality, meeting different delivery and production times. The result is great reliability for the customer. Certifications and declarations regarding ModaGlit composition and technical specifications are available upon request, a support to help sector jobbers in the complex, multifaceted relations with their own customers.

ModaGlit is a high performance solution for fabric coating processes.
DecoGlit, the glitter made in Italy for the garment and fashion industry, is a Tabor product.

And, for those seeking extraordinarily high performance and innovation, Tabor has created reflecting glitter: truly one-of-a-kind, this Special Product can create light and amazing reflections for your luxury items.