TaborGlit microfibers, for which Tabor holds the European exclusive, are extremely fine micro-cut fibers that offer high heat resistance and come in a wide range of diameters and colors.
These microfibers are used as decorative additives, mainly in the production of masterbatches and compounds used in molding plastics.
When compared with the MasterGlit line of glitters, these microfibers produce a more attractive, more realistic marbling effect.
All TaborGlit microfibers are compatible with food-grade plastics.
The standard types offered by TaborGlit are:
Black microfiber, the main features of which are good heat resistance and a highly competitive price. These microfibers come in four different lengths.
Black microfiber “HTR”, the main characteristic of which is extremely high temperature resistance.
Mass colored microfibers, the main characteristic of which is a wide variety of colors. Tabor also offers its customer direct production services and high in-house storage of the materials produced. This enables Tabor to offer extremely efficient supply: the final customer can rest assured of certain, predictable delivery times. Moreover, thanks to a well-consolidated, long-term relationship with its raw material suppliers, Tabor can guarantee the quality and technical characteristics of the microfibers supplied.