“Production of Christmas items”. The Tabor story began in 1951 in Camerlata (Como): Luigi Taborelli and his wife Rachele founded the company which is now the recognized international market leader for glitter. Son of a manufacturer of items for florists, Luigi started producing blown glass items, wreaths and Christmas trees, at a time when the raw materials were goose down and natural plants dried and processed to belong-lasting and soft. At that time, specialized machinery was not available: perseverance was Luigi's trump card and, after initial difficulties and a trip to Murano — the capital of the blown glass industry — he began producing high quality, imaginative items. The company's fame grew quickly: customers arrived in great numbers, even from abroad, and the company gained recognition as official supplier for the “La Rinascente” department stores.

In 1962, Luigi Taborelli closed the business: the company was being challenged by the influx, even in Italy, of items made of plastic. And yet, thanks to the excellent relations with its loyal, long- standing customers, and cooperation of their children Erminio, Gabriella, Laura and Rita, Rachele resumed production, founding the company Tabor. Specialized in decorative items, ornaments and Christmas nativities scenes, it took just a few years for Tabor to reconquer its old splendor, thanks to the success of the “Montezuma” Christmas tree conceived by Erminio.

The company grew and in 1975 opened its new plant in Cavallasca (Como) where Gabriella followed production of the Christmas trees and nativities while, in Camerlata, Laura and Rita managed the wreath production. With demand rising steadily, they quickly ran out of room. A larger warehouse closer to the highway was needed... and the choice fell to a site in Cassina Rizzardi (Como) where they purchase the buildings that are still the Tabor corporate home.

In the early 1990s, TaborGlit was founded, the glitter production division, a sector that was developing greatly in those years, even in the Como textiles district thanks to Tabor cooperation with the industries in the zone. From his trips to the United States, Erminio bringing back technical and organizational innovations, and this spurred new activity.

The year 1993 saw the introduction of aluminum foil cutting and, given the high temperature resistance of aluminum, the results were better than those achieved with PVC, opening the door to new applications. In less than two years, production surged: glitter was increasingly used in a wide range of sectors, from chemistry to decorations, from textiles to paints... TaborGlit became a brand renown throughout Europe.

In 1995 Tabor purchased a new site beside the existing one and augmented the machinery used. New sieves were introduced along with new technologies to further improve process effectiveness, product quality and production levels: the number of customers has multiplied, demand is on the rise and TaborGlit, as always, offers not only the best product, but also the best possible service as well.

In 2005 Adriana – Erminio's wife – and their children Luigi, Edoardo and Enrico took over the corporate management. They opened the Research&Development and Quality Control Departments to create increasingly innovative products to meet the demands and specific requirements of each individual customer.
Today, proud of its past, Tabor is the European market leader for glitter, deftly moving on the global market, without ever losing sight of what, from the very outset, were its strengths: a vision of the future, perseverance and a rapport of mutual trust with the clientele.
Product quality, ongoing innovation, attentive service. Always focused on the customer.

For more than thirty years.
Tabor: glitter beyond standards.
Quality products, ongoing innovation and great customer care: these are the ingredients that have made Tabor the European leader in the production of glitter and related items. Thirty years has shown we are on the right path; the satisfaction and trust of each and every customer have spurred us on, time and again, to continue down this path.
We have always offered the maximum: top quality, innovation, technology and service. Because, what makes us shine in the world of glitter, the fruit of our daily labors, is the success of our customers.

Day in and day out we work side-by-side with you to create the right glitter for your needs, researching and developing materials, processes and technologies to bring into existence innovative products, poised to become the stars of the future. We work with you to guarantee precise, customized, impeccable service.

And this is why today, manufacturers across the globe will find TaborGlit a serious partner, a true benchmark, a solid, reliable market reference standing by their side and with a natural predisposition for cooperation.

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